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A comfortable and relaxing bedroom can help you get a good night’s sleep. Our bedroom interior design service makes sure that all the essential elements are needed to create a peaceful, Comfortable & Well organized bedroom.  A stylish bedroom can be a great way to express your personality and taste. Additionally, a functional and practical bedroom design can help keep your space organized and tidy.

A bed Room is where we usually take a rest after a daylong hard work. A south-face balcony with natural lights and fresh air are basic requirements for a master bedroom. It has to be peaceful and tranquil. Ventilation is very important so you have to make your windows as large as possible. Color selection is so important for bedroom interiors. It does not necessary that every wall has to be colorful but you can choose a light eye soothing color that can enhance charm. Some paintings can be applied with a wall clock in the center of a wall. White ceilings with warm shade lighting can change your bad mood. Below We are going to discuss the components that are needed for a complete bedroom interior.

Bedroom interior design

Bed : The Most Important element for Bedroom



The bed is the main element of the bedroom interior. It could be wooden or board made. But it has to be strong. We can use leather or fabrics in our bedhead stand. It will look more beautiful when we put it in the middle of the room. Two side tables can be a handful for our wallets, mobile phones, and other gadgets.

Modern Bedroom Design

Wall Cabinet for Child Bedroom

Wall Cabinet
/Wall Closet


As human beings, we need to wear clothes every day. Some get dirty, some need to hang some needs to fold. So, to arrange all types of clothes we wear in our daily life we need a wall cabinet where we can set things up. Now it’s a big question what material should we use to make a perfect wall cabinet? It depends on budget and perspective. Here are some types of wall cabinets in terms of materials and color:

*You can use HPL laminated board which is highly glossy and scratchproof. It is also heat water and insect resistant. It may be a little costly. But it will last longer compare to other materials available in Bangladesh. It’s the latest and best material so far for a wall cabinet.

*Doccu or lacquer spray-painted wall cabinets are very popular in our country. You can see that in the furniture showroom. They are using lacquer on Gorjoon and MDF boards for years ago. Specially in Hatil, Otobi, Brothers, Akter, Navana they are making large amounts of furniture with these materials. It’s become water protected while spraying the doccu paint. but using MDF where water can be playing a problem.

Child Bedroom Design

Burma Teak Wall Cabinet for Modern Bedroom

Burma Teak Wall Cabinet


Most popular item for our market. Everyone likes the Burma teak fiber. There is no alternative of Burma teak or segun wood before the Burma teak board arrived. Now anyone can make a Burma teak wall cabinet at a low cost whereas segun wood furniture is more costly. It is also long-lasting. A natural polish can enhance the beauty of Burma teak segun board cabinet.

Wall Cabinet for Bedroom

Segun Wood Cabinet For Bedroom Interior Design

Segun Wood Cabinet


A traditional way of making bedroom furniture is segun wood. In our country, 80 percent of people still love this wooden cabinet. Because it is the hardest and strong material. It can give lifelong service. But in terms of financial issues, some cannot afford this furniture. besides the shortage of Segun trees is also a big reason behind the price hike.

Segun Wood Cabinet

Dressing Table for Luxurious Bedroom Design

Dressing Unit
/Dressing Table


When we hear about a Dressing table our mind thinks about a mirror stands with a wooden frame. But in best interior designing firms are making this very innovative way. Where looks meet smartness. There is a vast amount of ideas. Some want a basic dressing table. Some want a vanity dressing, others choose a countertop mirror. It’s the heart of our bedroom interior.

Simple Dressing table for bedroom
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