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It is most important to make your kitchen interior design good-looking, functional, and appealing. A kitchen cabinet is one of the most essential parts of our apartment where we prepare food. The housemakers spent most of their time in a Kitchen. So it has to be user-friendly, good-looking, and long-lasting. There are various types of kitchen cabinets in the market. But in the modern interior, we need a  smart kitchen Cabinet. Modular kitchen cabinets are most popular for their water resistance, long-lasting, and glossiness. you can add kitchen accessories to make things easy to use. Our interior designer will work closely with you to understand your vision, taste, and lifestyle. We provide various interior design services to satisfy your specific design requirements. Every stage of the design process aims to go beyond your expectations.

We have different kinds of  kitchen cabinets based on materials, cost-effectiveness, and water resistance

Kitchen Cabinet – HPL /ACRYLIC


HPL /ACRYLIC is the best kitchen cabinet material in Bangladesh. Modular/Smart kitchens are made of HPL or Acrylic laminated Board. It is a high gloss, waterproof, scratch-proof, and long-lasting. It can protect from a certain level of heat or fire. Undoubtedly HPL/ ACRYLIC  board is the safest long-lasting board to use in the modern kitchen. We can use aluminum profile handles and edging which make the cabinet more lucrative. It’s a bit costly. But it is worth every penny.

Marine Ply kitchen


Marine ply is also water resistant. It is famous because of its hardness and water resistance. But it has no fiber to show. So we need to paint it. Docu spray paint can be applied to it for a colorful smart kitchen cabinet.

Burma Teak Kitchen


The Burma teak Kitchen Cabinet is a budget-friendly kitchen cabinet. It has a typical Burma teak look where Burma teak fibers are visible. It is the most user-friendly kitchen cabinet in Bangladesh. Inside we can use gorjon board to make the frame. To shine the Front surface we have to polish it.

Melamine Board Kitchen


If someone wants to do budget-friendly kitchen interior design melamine boards are the best choice for them. Melamine boards are low-cost materials where no need to paint or polish. But it can make a problem if it gets wet. Moreover, it’s a bit less lasting board compared to other materials.

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