Dining Room Interior
Design in Bangladesh

The dining room interior design plays a vital role in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for enjoying meals with family and friends. We are providing exclusive dining room interior design in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Factors like the layout, furniture, lighting, color scheme, and décor must be considered to create a cohesive and pleasing space. The layout should consider the size and shape of the dining room, as it will influence the choice of furniture and overall flow. Chairs with cushioned seats and supportive backs are preferable for extended dining experiences. Lighting should be Pendant lights or a chandelier suspended above the table, while Dimmer switches offer flexibility in adjusting the lighting intensity.

Dining room interior design in Bangladesh

Dining Table : Main Element Of Dining Room

Dining Table


We can use the sitters according to our family members. Most people like a six sitter dining table. A marble or granite top is the most preferred one. Many years ago we used to make a wooden dining table. But nowadays the dining room interior design changes a lot. The frames can be made by SS or MS pipe with a glass or marble top. Different kind of marble textures are available in the market. Some still like the wooden design as we said wooden designs are still trending with various design in the top surface.

Luxurious Dining Table

A Dinner Wagon is a must need in a Dining Room Interior Design



A dinner wagon is a must need in a dining room interior design. It’s a combo of dining showcase and a counter. Normally it’s a 3-part chamber, a upper section for dinner sets a middle counter top and a lower counter for all the crockeries items like fry pen, cooker, dish etc. we can use the middle counter top in multipurpose way. We can use it like a buffet counter where the guest will find their food items and they can serve by themselves. It’s a oven counter also. We can make our fast-food items in the oven and we don’t need to use the kitchen. A power connection will need for this. Beside that we can make toaster juice and other items. By using all these in the counter top we can keep our dining table and kitchen free and fresh.

Dinner Wagon in Dining room

Basin Counter Placement in Dining Room

Basin Counter


Basin is a wet place. So we need to use water protected materials here. A smart Basin counter need a smart mirror. Our expert team will find best suitable led mirrors with different shape and size. In current market there are a lot of design within a affordable price. Counter top basin is more popular than a stand basin. A surrounding led light can enhance the beauty of a basin unit. A marble in the top will protect the counter from water and dust.

Basin Counter in Dining space

Fridge : The Essential Part of a Dining Room



Fridge is the essential part of a dining room. Now a days we can see different type of fridge. Double door fridge with glossy surface will look good beside a marble top dining table. Some need a deep fridge also. We can conceal it in a diner wagon or we can make a corner space where the fridge will set easily. Deep fridge can be used in kitchen because wet items are used in the kitchen.

Fridge placement in Dining room

Lighting Selection : Key Point for Dining Room Design



Beside all these important items a dining room is more beautiful when we keep it clean. Colors are very important. We have to be smart in terms of color selection. Dining place need to be free where everyone can move easily. Some paintings can be applied to beatify the dining room. Wall panels and painting makes a good combination with a light color. Children are very attractive in yellow green and blue color. So, they can relate their playground or reading room here. This will make them eat with a familiar place.

Lighting selection for Interior Design

Importance Of Dining Room

Dining rooms play a significant role in our homes and lifestyles. They serve as a space where families and friends gather to share meals and create memories. Besides the obvious practicality, dining rooms contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of a home.

The design and layout of a dining room can enhance the atmosphere and ambiance of the space. A well-designed dining room can create a sense of warmth and comfort, making every meal a delightful experience. From the choice of furniture to the color palette and lighting, every element in the dining room holds importance.

It is essential to consider both functionality and style while designing a dining room. By paying attention to details and incorporating personal preferences, you can create a dining room that reflects your personality and facilitates meaningful connections with loved ones.

So, taking the time to carefully plan and design your dining room can greatly enhance your overall living experience.

Key Factors For Dining Room Design

Planning a dining room interior design in Bangladesh involves considering several key factors. Firstly, it is essential to think about the layout and functionality of the space. Optimizing the dining room’s layout will provide an enjoyable and practical dining experience for all. Secondly, selecting appropriate furniture and decor elements is crucial.

Choosing pieces that complement the overall style and color scheme will create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, it is important to focus on lighting fixtures. Adequate lighting is essential in highlighting the dining area and creating a warm ambiance.

Lastly, paying attention to the finishing touches such as wall art, table settings, and accessories will add personality and flair to the dining room. Following these key factors will help create an inviting and stylish dining space that will enhance any home.

Tips For Dining Room Design In Bangladesh

Designing a dining room in Bangladesh requires careful consideration. To create a beautiful and functional space, follow these tips. First, focus on the layout of the room. Ensure that the dining table is easily accessible and allows for comfortable movement around it.

Consider the size of the room and choose a table that fits well without making the space feel cramped. Next, think about the lighting. Adequate lighting is crucial for a pleasant dining experience. Choose a combination of overhead lighting and ambient or task lighting to create the right mood.

Finally, pay attention to the color scheme and decor. Opt for colors that promote a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Consider adding elements such as artwork or plants to add visual interest. By carefully considering these aspects, you can create a dining room that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

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